Colonoscopy is a test where a Gastroenterologist inserts a flexible high resolution tube like instrument called “Colonoscope” into the colon to check for various diseases that affect the colon such as Colon cancer, Colon Polyps, Colitis, Diverticulosis, Hemorrhoids and etc. Colon diseases typically present as Blood in the stools, diarrhea, constipation, pencil like stools, abdominal pain, weight loss, bloating, gas, stool seepage, pain in the anus and more. Click here to learn more.

Common Myths

Of all the cancers that affect both men and women colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the US and the third most common cancer in men and women.

As per the 2013 numbers (the most numbers available)

  • 136,119 people in the United States were diagnosed with colorectal cancer, including 71,099 men and 65,020 women
  • 51,813 people in the United States died from colorectal cancer, including 27,230 men and 24,583 women

Here are the common myths and beliefs that may keep you from scheduling your colonoscopy. But we want to educate you so that you can make intelligent health decisions for yourself and your family.

FIVE year survival is 90% if colon cancer is diagnosed early, survival rate is 68% if there is regional disease ie. spread to lymph nodes and only 10% if there are distant metastasis.

I don't need a colonoscopy
This assumption is NOT TRUE. Typically, the symptoms of colorectal cancer do not appear until later stages. Most patients do not show no symptoms at all. SIX percent of Americans develop colorectal cancer (6 cancers in 100 people you see around you), and risk if higher if there is a family history of colon polyps or colorectal cancer. Symptoms of colorectal cancer typically don’t appear until the later stages. As a matter of fact, most patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer normally do not show any symptoms at all.
It will hurt
It is normal to feel scared of colonoscopy as it is a sensitive procedure. But GOOD NEWS is that you will be given medications during the procedure that will help you with the pain and make you comfortable. Most people do very well.
It will be too embarrassing
The procedures are performed by Gastroenterologists with a team of professional and courteous staff who understand the LIFE SAVING value of colonoscopies. They respect your privacy and are empathetic towards your concerns. For privacy reasons the procedure is done in a private room to ensure that only a few people will see you.
The preparation is too difficult
Colonoscopy prep could be difficult to drink due to the taste or the amount that needs to be consumed but MILLIONS of people get colonoscopies yearly and are able to tolerate the prep very well. To ENSURE a Good Quality colonoscopy exam it is very important to follow the instructions provided by your gastroenterologist. There are many types of colon preps and flavoring agents that can help you clean the colon for a good exam. Please talk to your doctor about which preparation method is right for you.
What if they find something?
Some people may be scared to have a colonoscopy because they would rather not know if something is wrong. Colonoscopy is a proactive way of finding and removing polyps before they turn into cancer. Prevention is Better than Cure. It is better to get a colonoscopy and have the SILENTLY growing precancerous polyps removed before they become cancerous and spread to other parts of the body.

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The best gift for you and your family… A Colon Cancer free life

Over many decades Colonoscopy has been proven to save lives by finding and removing precancerous and cancerous colon polyps. Give yourself and your loved the Best Gift… The gift of a healthy long life. Call you gastroenterologist today to schedule your colonoscopy.


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